Friday, November 27, 2009


As you know, I mostly wear black, brown and grey. But the other day I went to school wearing a bright red sweater with a colored t-shirt underneath, and my blue beret, and people kept telling me I looked fabulous. One of my dude friends looked at me and just said, "Colors!"

I've only worn that red sweater on a couple of occasions, and I'm shy about it because one time a guy shouted "Apple Tits!" at me on the street. But now I'm thinking, "what's wrong with that?"

In other news, I wore my 1950s house-dress to Thanksgiving and wore black tights and red shoes with it, and it was a big hit. I made pumpkin-bourbon pie with fresh ginger in it.

So, yeah. Colors.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I haven't been showing you

this is a MySpace type photo sans visage

Remember the other day when I said I made a necklace out of a vintage chandelier crystal? Well, I wore it out and about, and I absolutely adore the way it looks. Unfortunately, I can't seem to take a decent picture of it to save my life. This one is very nearly NSFW, and it's the only one that seems to capture how I think it looks and feels to me. C'est la vie.

And then there was Saturday. It has been November with a vengeance here, and somehow last winter, I managed to destroy more or less every pair of tights I owned. I am left with four pairs of black fishnets, very warm and slightly itchy merino wool sweater tights, and a pair of hot fuchsia Betsey Johnson stockings that go with NOTHING. I tried to find a pair of warm tights here in town, but there was NOTHING. Spanx, and leggings, and all of them nearly $30... It made me long for an Urban Outfitters, even if that store is run by the Devil and staffed by his brainless minions. Even though I was wearing the softest bits I own, even though I was wearing cashmere knee-highs, even though I was sporting a cloche hand-crocheted out of Scandinavian wool, I was shivery and felt damp all day.

i'm scowling because i need hot cocoa

On Sunday I wore a variation on my cabaret Amelie ensemble except with a royal purple cardigan, an opal glass pendant, and a bright pink rose in my hair. I neglected to take a picture, of course.

I am currently obsessed with mustard/saffron/marigold colorways, and I am trying to scheme a way to add more of it into my life. I love this vintage skirt:

click the image to go to the etsy listing!

And I want a reason to wear this dress:Last year Tulle had a lovely, snuggly mustard colored zippered cardigan that I regret not buying now. Now I am watching for it on eBay.

Since it was a work day, and I woke up even earlier than necessary, I wore a boring t-shirt and jeans today. Well, as boring as my t-shirts and jeans ever are - today was my hand silkscreened Sugar Shakers tee and the skinniest pair of jeans I own, with deep, Levi-E style cuffs on them, because I am rockabilly like that. Until next time, my dumplings!

Monday, November 23, 2009

An Unlikely Piece of Flair

Why am I updating this blog more than you? Oh yeah, because it's my last three weeks of grad school and all I want to think about are outfits.

Forgive the dirty bathroom mirror (shame!) but I thought you'd like my outfit today. Same belted black shirtdress I mentioned in the last post, but this time I wore it with brown textured tights, brown/gold cowboy boots, and a wheat-colored cami underneath. Last time I wore the dress, the fabric belt kept slipping and I had to keep re-cinching it. So this morning I grabbed this coral rose pin that Erin sent me for my bday. I have tons of brooches like this and never know what in the world to do with them, but today I just boldly stuck it on my belt. So what?

I seriously would not have done that if I hadn't planned on blogging about it, so, thanks! Oh, and the adorable fingerless gloves were knitted expressly for me by Devon. I love the way they look with my hat and turquoise pin. And you can't tell, but I'm also wearing the St. Theresa earrings from New Orleans...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So much Pinks

This blog is inspiring me to break out the little frilly bits that I never wear. I have a room FULL of sparkly brooches, hair clips and scarves, but as you know, I usually end up wearing all black anyway. Today I'm wearing a crisp, black shirtdress, tightly cinched at the waist (with a black belt, natch), stripey sheer black tights and black boots. But before I left the house this morning, I grabbed this pale pink scarf which I NEVER EVER wear (bless me but I can't remember which dear friend gave it to me), and swiped on a bit of rose lipstick in the subway.

I found myself walking down a little street near NYU and passed one pink house in a row of brown. I thought it kinda echoed what I was going for with this outfit.

(Forgive the pre-coffee eyes.)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snowy day cardigan

It has turned wintry in the seaside town I live in these past few days. Yesterday morning, I could not coax myself out of my cozy cinnamon and coffee scented house because of the flurries of snow. I busied myself fixing up an old cardigan so that I would love it again, instead of relegating it to the pile of things I throw on top of my pajamas.

I hate winter clothes, for the most part. I don't like itchy or bulky; I don't like hats that flatten your hair; I don't like boots that aren't cowboy boots. I do like fluffy, soft, dreamy things, though. This sweater is the color the sky was yesterday, and the lace and pearl buttons and velvet trim are sort of snowy. It was all very coincidental, but then I liked the snow a little better, and I felt tons better about winter clothes. I also wore tiny twinkly crystal earrings, and much later in the day, since I was feeling inspired, I made a necklace out of a chandelier crystal and wore that, too. If I'd been able to find my cream colored tights, I would have changed out of my boring blue jeans and into the vintage, heathery-green wool skirt I have.

I have to clarify something right now, too. I saw a random comment sort of pertaining to this blog wherein the author urged people to simplify and purge. I am NOT advising that, not at all. I am not a fan of those terrible shows where they scrounge in your closet and dump your treasures on a burn pile simply because you can't recall the last time you wore it and then replace it with some vaguely trendy, "versatile" piece that is supposed to be "wearable" and which has all of the art and personality of a red Solo cup at a kegger. No. Don't abandon your things because they aren't being worn; WEAR THEM. Abandon your oatmeal colored t-shirts and your shapeless black slacks and your ancient Old Navy yoga pants. Toss the things that make you blend in, and embrace standing out. I never get compliments on wardrobe staples; the things people love are coral or aquamarine or leopard print. Pooh-pooh to the Trinnys and Susannahs of the world. I prefer to keep my faux-fox orange sweater-coat, thank you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Those SHOES.

I live in New York City, so you'd think I'd try to be fabulous looking all the time. Especially since Stella sends me pretties on occasion. But the combination of being broke and schlepping video and computer gear all over town usually makes me feel less than inspired about my fashion choices.

However, lately I've rediscovered these shoes. I've had them for over a year and saved them for special occasions, but then I realized that they are really comfy. Not only are they really comfy, but EVERY time I wear them, two things happen: men totally check me out (like whoah) and women stop me on the subway or the street to ask where I got them. So, now I try to wear them as often as possible. Even when I'm very sleepy on a Monday morning.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How on EARTH do I get featured, Miss Stella?

It occurs to me that I was rather vague in my instructions on how exactly you could find your gorgeous picture of you sporting the marvelous things you adore right here in this very space for the rest of us to coo over. Here are your options:

1) Email or Facebook me a picture of yourself and your fabulosity and what you feel we need to know about it (its provenance or its fiber content, whatever) and I will write your post for you using glowing adjectives to properly convey the wonderment I feel.

2) Email or Facebook me and politely request that I add you an author of this blog, and I will sent you a formal invitation through Blogger to be a co-host of this virtual party, and you can pen your own glowing adjectives.

3) Start your own version of this blog, and somehow make me aware of its existence, and I will link to it.

4) Wear your amazing ensemble someplace I am likely to be and have my camera - every other Sunday at the radio station is a good choice, 8:15 a.m. at the Backdoor is not - and I will take your photograph and then refer to step 1).

Please feel free to do my busywork for me and refer your stylish and adorable comrades to this site as well. I don't mind plastering strangers' pictures all over the Interwebz if they don't mind emailing them to me!
And here is my poorly photographed effort for today: a wool flannel skirt in charcoal that I bought on sale from Victoria's Secret last winter for $10, a Joan Holloway-esque navy sweater with 3/4 sleeves and a tie at the neck, black pearl earrings, and a huge burgundy flower that I think was once a pin that I have attached to a headband. I also wore a pair of black lace tights and black ballet slippers.

And now you!